Town and surroundings

The city of Carrara

Carrara is famous in the world for the Apuan Alps; from their quarries, the famous Apuan marbles are extracted; a natural park has been created;

the numerous shelters and hiking trails, from which you can admire a breathtaking panorama, make it an ideal destination for all hiking enthusiasts.

The medieval historical center, an obligatory stop for the pilgrims who traveled along the Via Francigena, reserves authentic surprises, such as the Duomo, the Academy of Fine Arts and the gorgeous Piazza Alberica.

In the summer, the important events “Marble Weeks” and “Convivere” attract important personalities from the world of culture, art and entertainment.

Between August and September, “Festa della Birra” takes place, born from the twinning with the German town of Ingolstadt, and in the autumn there are numerous events and fairs such as the Chocolate Festival, the Fair of St. Andrew and the Festival of Autumn.


The Marble Quarries

You can visit the famous Marble Quarries of Carrara, with tourist guides that accompany visitors also to the Marble Museum and to the famous sculpture workshops;

in the summer the historical “lizzatura” is recalled, an event that showes the past extraction and transport of marble blocks from the mountains to the town.

It is also possible to visit the Marble Museum and thematic exhibitions in historic buildings, with marble works from all over the world.


The Apuan Alps

The Apuane Alps, which host the marble quarries and the Apuan park, are a natural open-air museum.
From Monte Sagro and Campocecina you can enjoy a breathtaking view that ranges from the Cinque Terre to Corsica.
Numerous shelters and hiking trails attract people from all over the world; climbers find in the mountain peaks of the Apuan Alps a real paradise … with sea view!
The Campocecina meadows, with coast views on one side and marble quarries on the other, provide the ideal location for summer picnics and barbecues.


The sea

Marina di Carrara, 5 minutes drive from Rossana B&B, is famous for the bathhouses and the perfectly equipped beaches.
From the “Club Nautico”, located inside the port, in summer every day ferries leave for the Cinque Terre, the Golfo dei Poeti, and Porto Venere;
Nearby there is the beach of Punta Corvo, located on the slopes of Monte Marcello, after the cliff of Punta Bianca, considered one of the most beautiful nature reserves in Italy.
Every year Marina di Carrara hosts the “Premio Lunezia” and other important events, such as the “Festa della Birra”, Tuttocasa, 4×4 Fest, the Festival of the East, organized inside the fair complex Carrara Fiere.


A few miles from Carrara

Carrara is the main gateway for the whole Tuscany.
After a few miles you reach the Versilia, an attrction for VIPs of all nationalities, thanks to its many famous discoes and nightclubs.
The delightful towns of Lucca and Pisa are at about 50 miles, full of history and charm that make them famous all over the world.
A little further you can reach Florence, a marvelous city and the real cradle of the Renaissance, and then you can continue to Siena and Val d’Orcia, in the heart of Tuscany.

Anfiteatro Luni

Vernazza (5 terre)

Cava di Marmo

Duomo di Carrara